Why should you buy a Bellstar Telescope?

Bellstar Telescope are made to last and we stand behind that. The scopes are made with Ranger board not particle board like other scopes. Why Ranger board? Because its a very dense and heavy material. The scope is glued, screwed and reinforced with angle blocks making them extremely strong. These scopes are heavy; which is what is needed for a stable scope. Most of the dobs out there are light weights, which make them shutter or move in the slightest breezes. We build them strong and heavy; old school would be the best to describe them. Ask yourself this: Would you throw your scope? We do its part of how we test our scopes for strength and durability. Would you stand on your scope? We would and guess what? We do! The tube is made using a product call Sono tube. We use Sono tube because it transfers heat the least, unlike metal or fiber glass tubes. This means fewer heat waves inside the tube which gives you a much clearer view. If the tube does get damaged its an easy repair.  The cradle and ground board are made with the same Ranger board. They are constructed in the same way as the body for the scope. Built with strength and durability in mind. Weve even flipped the cradle over and used it as a swivel seat. A pillow or cushion is recommended though. The cradle has large cut outs for lifting the scope. Their large so when youre wearing gloves your hands fit. The scope is primed in an oil base paint inside and out. Then two coats of oil base color paint are applied. The colors we offer are dark blue or gloss black.


We build them strong, we build them heavy and we build them to last.

We must be doing something right, we been building them for over 15 years.

Were certainly not the cheapest telescope out there, but we are well worth it.

The bottom line. We are a company that cares about our clients and we stand behind our product. That should mean something in today's competitive market.

Ron Bell

Bellstar Telescopes.

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